I think Judah is entering that "up, down" phase all babywearers see

Tried out Parenting Arts again today

This boat is a favorite toy at parenting arts

Goldfish made the perfect addition to the "mermaid corner"

Kalila and Lion play really well

After nap we took a walk to the mail mox in natty linen and the peekaroo babywearing vest

Lion really rode his tricycle!

failed nap in natty linen, comfy snuggles though!

Kyle took the kids to Jungle Java for a bit and I took the time to make an amazing salad to share with visitors there is; Spinach romain, tomato, celery, carrot, yellow peppers, chicken, almonds, Dates, and suger snap peas.

It was Really Good!

Lion had a hard time going to sleep last night, so Judah and I wrapped to sleep downstairs, and went up when things calmed down.

Natural Linen Indio


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