A Busy Beautiful Day

We hung around and got ready for the day in our new Violet white indio (swapped  my 5 for a 6)

I think all wraps must taste great!

After dropping Lion at Gillians, Judah and I headed to Costco to meet up with a client and do a bit of shopping.

I always get caught digging for my receipt when I'm trying to leave. It's a pain, but meeting with my client went really well!

Then I went back to Gillian's to be with them. Here they are snuggling some braided wraps.

Hemp honeywrap, and Cabo Gira

Gillian and Kalila wrapped up for a walk in the sunshine as we left

After naptime it was time for Tot Shabbat! All of our friends were there, and it was such a wonderful time.

What do you like about Shabbat? "I like the egg shakers!"

Judah was really independent and wanted to play with the basket full of shakers the whole time.

The beautiful sunset on the way home. Where Kyle and I live in Dexter, we drive by alot of beautiful fields and farms and have many beautiful vistas like this blurry shot out of my car window. 🙂

At home we discussed Saturday’s activities and Kyle wore Judah around in a variety  of ringslings.  Silk Indio, Rasta, he is such a sling-happy-daddy.  Tomorrow (well, later today) is a race day at the dirt track, and I am going to a new friends house, to explore other business opportunities for the both of us, and also, just to become better friends!  She has beautiful dreadlocks and get ready to see some beautiful children is what I’m thinking! (she has more than a couple I hear. . .)


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