Today Kyle and Lion went to race at the dirt track, early in the morning.  I Used the Goodbyn to pack them a collection of snacks and such.

This is a great lunch bin for when you are going to be sharing, it is a pretty big thing

Thai rice noodles with greens, sesame gfcf pretzels, carrots and hummus raisins and freeze dried strawberries. Animal cookies eventually went into the empty compartment

From the track, Judah and I went to whole foods.  I have really been enjoying the Short Cross Carry :        

for poppable in’s and out’s of stores and playdates.  It is not the most comfy carry ever, but I usually rewrap onto my back when I get inside.  I love it because it’s fast.  Polka old weave girasol is one of my only size 4 wraps (ok it is my only size 4 wrap, but I have 2 otw. . . .)  I guess I keep trading them away?

The sun was beautiful today, but I was squinting into the camera. . . .

anyway, Judah and I really enjoyed lunch together.

She ate, Peas, sweet potato, cut up grapes, and black beans.

I was not so modest 🙂

Lot’s of cooking and cleaning today  at home, while the boys were racing.  GFCF Waffles to freeze for the week, and Brownies (yay), and then a big chicken noodle soup.

Gluten and Casein Free Brownies still have chocolate and suger in them, so you know they are good!

My beloved and much used waffle stick maker, which we got as a wedding present. 🙂 The kids love them for dipping.

I got judah up on my back for what seemed to be a much needed nap.

No nap, but look at her beautiful face. I love this picture! 11 months and 6 days old. My Cuddle Bug.

Lauren went and picked up Lion from the dirt track so he could come home and enjoy a visit from Sean and Aiden.  The boys are very close in age and they are learning to play really well together.  They both like to run around with never ending energy!

They moved so fast it was hard to capture!

It is going to be so fun to watch these boys become friends. They are off to a great start.

I made up a snack tray to focus them on something and to help calm and refuel them.

Freeze dried strawberries, Veggie Pirates Booty, GFCF pretzels, and hummus

Judah, as it turns out, really likes hummus.

After we picked up daddy from the dirt track, Lion fell asleep for the night early, and Judah didn’t last much longer.

The chicken noodle soup for dinner was awesome if I do say so myself. 🙂


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