Sunday and Monday, catch-up blogging when your kids are sick.

Sunday morning we had an awesome brunch at the Zingermans Roadhouse with Heidi and her gang.  We got there a bit before they opened so we wrapped the kids and went to the walk up window.

Kyle and Judah, Short cross carry, Deep Sea FIsh

Simple Ruck WIth Lion in Polka Girasol

At the Walk up window by the drive through (look at those red noses!)

We had such a nice time talking and planning and the kids were playing and coloring.

After breakfast I went with Lion to visit a new friend at her home and had the pleasure of meeting her 6 children.  They were all so lovely and amazing and inspiring.  Kyle picked us up when Judah woke up from her nap. and then I had my first attempt at making Gluten and Dairy free Chocolate chip cookies.

They were awesome, and gone practically as they came into being.

Monday morning I took this pic if Judah:


Not ready for that one over here yet.  Please.  Help.

We stayed home sick all day, and Lion is learning to use the computer, he is getting very good at using the mouse. This game is called Color Garden, and it's on the Yo Gabba Gabba Website.

Judah Snoozed in Natty Linen, Look at her amazing hairdo! It is so soft and magical.

It is finally heading towards spring, and Nesta spent a long time laying among a lot of quartz crystals on or deck while they were in the sun. She is such a high energy being.

Lion taught Judah about "dress-up" today

As soon as she took it off and showed it to me she put it back on! She crawled around the room with it and stopped to put it on every so often.

Lion did this with his mask and said "Look mom, we match!"

And that is what we were doing when Daddy came home!

Family Love

Kyle took the kids to Jungle Java indoor playspace to give me a bit of time to read and relax

Daddy took them both up into the big play area

Sean came to visit, and He and Kyle were totally obssessing over how cute Judah is while Lion was being put to sleep, this was them intently discussing her cuteness when I came out of Lion's room.


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