Ann Arbor Babywearers, the Fun never ends!

Kyle Joined me for the meeting today, and wore Lion in in our O&A 18 in.

Barb experimented with alot of new carries and wraps today (semi fwcc with a bara barn druvor)

Nautlus Pearlmutt in a Basic Ruck

Sweet Sleep, the rest of the meeting

Wendy drove down today and her Vatani Orkney is To Die For!

2 new soon to be wrappee's! And Sandi's first meeting!

Gillian, just making sure that wrapping is still the best option available for her

Violet White 6 for an expected nap

I think that this and Goldfish are the most stunning wraps didymos has ever made. (Total Opinion)

Wendy with her beautiful Zara Niike

Walking Down to the California Pizza Kitchen for lunch, They have awesome salads.

In the Fabbo first version of the short cross carry

After lunch we walked around the mall with Sandi and found treasures for Camillia in her belly. I can’t wait for this baby to be born healthy, she is going to be the easiest baby I bet.

Snuggling my big boy in V/W

I really want to make some wrapping how-to videos.  the ones that come to mind are;

How to wrap you 40 lb child onto your front,

How to transfer your baby from your back onto your bed while they stay asleep. (have REALLY mastered this),

the double hammock back carry tied in front, and then the tied at the shoulder version, and then the under the bum version (all together as one DH video, I think It would be awesome.)

Poor Judah is teething and having a hard time during the day, but nights are awesome lately!

Teething Fussies in Natty linen dyed olive green size 4, new to us yesterday. Kangaroo front carry, and amazing versatile comfy carry.

After he woke up from his nap, Lion wanted up and we snuggled while I talked to Meaghan on the phone, all together. I just added him onto my back with my o&a (Side note, reminder to Meaghan, no more listing wraps without calling or pm-ing your IRL friends, by being my best buddy you are by extension a member of the wrap hoarders club. 🙂

Kyle took the kids to the dirt track for maintenance night, and I stayed home and sent the invitation out to the kids birthday party in 3 ish weeks.  Please, no more mention of it.  She is not turning 1.


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