Spring Is In the Air!

Maybe I’m an optimist, but it was 60 degrees out today. . .

Morning Potty time

Eggs Canadian Bacon and Waffles and "dip" as lion says

Look who's still climbing. . . .

So Proud!

Lightening Fast Crawler

Super Sweet Disposition

We went over to our friends house and played outside and enjoyed the beautiful weather today.  All of us wrapped or babes, and I bet we were a site to see!

Zara Forest Getting Ready to go to the park

Love this new pic Gillian took of Mint Girasol

Rainforest Girasol

Gillian Wrapping Max

Sweet sleeper

Judah was laughing so hard

Kalila's first time on the big swings

I can tell that we are going to spend alot of time on swings this summer.

Swinging together

Walking Home

Holding Hands!

After Naptime, we took the kids out for dinner with Nanna and Babba at The Zingermans Roadhouse.  So Delicious.

BB Slen Green Peas to get in

Lion and Babba, both about to have a birthday (Judah too)

Tickle Tickle!


Judah Loves To CLap

Late night Ruck in Neobulle Lou


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