Finally Back!

Wow, talk about the flu.  I was down for the count.  I’ll give a few pictures to catch up, but mostly, I’ll just move on.

I visited The Little Seedling the day before I got sick

Meaghan and I swapped Girlies

Look at their growing stash!

This new Dyed natty linen is nice and soft!

Keeping Choco SUT

Set up at the Rudolph Steiner Natural Health Fair which was great for business!

I was lucky enough to be set up by the author of this new cookbook!

Ok, Pamir is here!!!!!!! It is everything special it is supposed to be!

My stash really belongs to my friends too. Let's just say that pamir is winning over Gillian. . . .

Look who's back with their one week old!

Earthy Rainbow on Kyle the studly daddy

It was great to put 40 lb lion in pamir

Noel is growing so fast!

We went to the smart car dealership

Zara forest is a great daddy - son wrap

sick mamma hands free nursing snuggles

daddy organizing the garage in pamir

Introducing the turkey sandwich taco!

Long awaited Zaras!

a bit excited. . . . .

Zara Tri Yellow

It is so beautiful

Tot shabbat last night was so wonderful.  Lion danced more than usual, and said he what he likes about shabbat for the song!  Now we are caught up and ready for today.  I have missed sharing and I am excited to be healthy again!


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