Tuesday’s are full of friends old and new

This morning when I arrived at the briarwood playspace there was an older Vietnamese woman watching me nurse Lion.  She came over and I said something along the lines of “isn’t it funny that my baby wants to play (and I pointed at Judah) and My big boy wants to nurse?”  and she replied about how her mother said that she nursed for 4 years, and she was interested in how I was wearing Judah when I walked in.  She told me all about the carrier that her mother had made her for her babies, and how she wore them when she was fleeing the war.  Only 4 of her 5 children made it out with her, one perished in their flight to the states.  She told me how the pain of losing the child was so great, that once she was settled here, she had to have one more baby, and that it helped ease the loss.  So she said. . . . but her face betrayed her.   She was wondering about my skin, and said I “looked so young!” and I told her about being gluten and casein free, and she was interested, and finally her adult daughter perked up who was behind her saying she had diabetes and we talked about diet stuff for a while.  I asked this amazing woman to bring her carrier to the mall for me to see sometime.  I really hope she does.

Gillian was first to arrive at the mall, and see me deep in conversation.

Barb is still trying to master back carries and doing awesome!

Mira is getting used to the move

Maggie is clearly adjusted to the move to the back! (and Katie's belly in the backround!)

Gillian experimented with wrapping 2

Success! Judah even fell asleep!

Look at this GEM! I LOVE this Photo!

Gretchen and Tula in Petrol fish

Lion let Gretchen try Pamir

Sandi and Gillian and I went to Lotus Thai after for lunch and really enjoyed each other and after Sandi and I went to the party store and ordered balloons for her shower and got favors for Lion's birthday party.

Kyle took the kids on a walk while I took Sandi to settle in to my parents house for the night.


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