Sharing Our Traditions

I started the day home with Judah the EC Master.  Today she actually went over and tried to get on the potty herself when she had to go.  I put her on, and she peed instantly.  She has been doing really well, and has known to go when I put her on the potty for a while, but to actually go over there herself and try to do it herself was a really amazing first.

She and I then went over to Gillian’s to see friends.

Didymos limited Edition Clouds 4, Gillian's Little Wrap-hoarders Secret. On it's way to a loan to another friend, she is so generous. And such a hoarder. lol

Gretchen said she loved my Jade, which means one convert down! Gillian is still on the fence.

I tried to nap Judah in Night rainbow, but it was a no go. I hate to say it, but Judah hasn't slept on my back in awhile! Please don't let those days slip away so fast.

She also really went for some pushing things around today, more signs toward walking, it's amazing that this happens all at once!

Meaghan and Edith stopped by during naptime to drop off some wraps, and try on some o&a's. This one is 18 in. tall.

I know she looks unsure, but this 16 in. one is the right fit we think. lol

I had an interesting discussion with my friend Sandy about why I bother to share my Religion/Culture/Judiasm whatever with my children and husband.  First off the top of my head the thought was, “Because they Love it so much and have so much fun with it!”  And then I shared with her the thought that even though judiasm hasn’t been my be all end all connection to god, that I didn’t want to discount that it may be very meaningful to my children when they were older, and thus they should have the benefits of learning it now.  Plus they are learning songs and prayers that they love and enjoy.

Tot Shabbat in Earthy Rainbow Kaela

Shira after dinner

Singing and clapping with daddy!

We love to sing and dance

Lion and Beatrice playing by my grandfathers memorial stained glass window.

singing along

Popsicles after Shira

In the middle of the night, Lion woke up and went to the emergency room with Daddy for an ear infection.  He screamed “there is something in my ear!”  So off we went.  The huge dose of motrin that they gave him helped.


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