Weekend Fun!

On Saturday Daddy had to go to work, so I took the kids to the farmers market to start to plan our garden, and play and visit our usual shops, as well as finalize Sandi’s baby shower gift.  So much fun to be had in Kerrytown, downtown Ann Arbor.

Playing in Mudpuddles

She is such a big girl!

I used Goldfish all morning. This is us after a Super Yummy Thai Lunch at our favorite, Siam Cuisine.

I had a bit of a wrap emergency saturday night, and I woke up early with a sense that I had to fix this problem myself, instead of sending the wrap to the salon .  Sorry to be so cryptic but, it is what it is.  On the way to Meijers in Violet White Vintage indio, before 7 am.

Judah was wide awake early Sunday. She must have sensed my urgent need to get out,

At Meijers debating wether or not to get an icee behind me after checkout. . . .

Kyle and Lion went to the Hands On Museum for Gabbie’s birthday party.  They had a blast and brought home all kinds of stories and prizes!

Then It was off to Sandi's baby shower, which was a flurry of little girls, and little girly things! Just as it should be.

First thing I did was put this 3 month old sweet tired overstimulated baby to sleep in violet/white. I was so blessed to have this wonderful cuddle with someone else's angel. As a side note, I LOVE this picture of v/w It really does it justice.

Judah had so much fun playing with and meeting other girls! Sandi had a nice little area set up.

The Cupcakes were GFCF and Amazing!

This cake (and the cupcakes) Were made by a wonderful guest, who had a beautiful and bright little daughter who has Celiac disease, and stole your heart with a smile. We discussed NAET.

This previous caption leads me to record something here, because it was so amazing, I can barely believe it retrospect.  I had so many meaningful deep interactions with so many people, that it seems impossible that I had all of these interactions in one day!  First I met a beautiful dread mamma with a beautiful daughter named Patience.  She described her husbands condition as just like Kyle’s before we discovered his allergies.  I opened up to her and told her everything about our diet and the life changes it has brought us.  Insta bond as her mind absorbed it all.  Then the amazing 3 month old and her mamma.  A table full of amazing women at lunch, including 2 named for gemstones, Jade and Amber.  Jade turns out to be the first illustrator I met interested in my book!  (I wrote a children’s book ages ago about babywearing) Such a connection as we discover she is an attachment parent and I’m so excited for us to get together on my book, we had such magic and so much in common.  Then we somehow as a table had a meaningful conversation about our experience with spirits, and ghosts and such.  It was an amazing conversation.  I got to sit next to Sandi with Judah during lunch and I felt so honored.  Sandi served food we could eat, it was amazing gfcf pasta and tomato sauce.  I wish I had taken a picture of Judah when it was all over her, she was so cute!

Us running from table to table meeting everybody Sandi needed us too.

There was the Woman who made the cake, and her daughter and her friend, all very interested in babywearing and NAET.

Then Judah fell asleep on my back, which is I guess quite a scene outside my little bubble of life, I had forgotten what a sight we are.

Sandi teaching the girls about where the baby is and how it's laying inside of her.

Opening Presents!

Her hand made hand dyed sling from a beautiful friend Jackie. Sandi was thrilled. Jackie was an amazing and inspiring born again homeschooling mom of 4.

There was also one other super cool babywearing mamma there! Her little one is 6 months here in her moby wrap.

Sandi's first Blue Didy box! A Cobalt Rouge Linen Indio 6, as requested. 🙂

We also gave them, On the Day You Were Born, The No Cry Sleep Solution, and some cute clothes!  Have I mentioned that I cannot wait to meet this baby?!!!  I talked with Sandi’s aunt and friends about EC and potty training, and Child-lead parenting in general the whole time she was opening presents, and Judah slept the whole time as well.

She is a perfect baby. Her sleeping on my back allowed me to take all these pictures!


Happy after a nap.

Then it was on to Kyle’s brother Kirk’s birthday party at Dommy’s house.  We really had a full day on our hands yesterday, and by the time we got there it was long past dinner time.  But it was so worth it to see my beautiful family so happy, and Niece so strong and beautiful.

So beautiful!

Lion and Jack love playing together.

Playing the monkey game with dommy

My sister-in-law is such a wonderful mother, to beautiful children. We had such a nice time.

Happy after a good nurse

playing together, monkey see monkey do!

I love this one!

Happy grandkids!

Ok I guess this is the "money" shot

Judah loves to clap! An ongoing obsession.

I LOVE this one!

if your happy and you know it!

Clap your hands!

I think she looks a bit like a Vince, like her brother of course.

Lion is going to be 3 years old in 24 days, and Judah's birthday is in 4 days. Time just flies!

Kyle was taken very sick in the middle of the visit and instead of staying longer, we left with Kirk and Melissa, and I drove home.  Kyle was sick by the side of the road.  He thinks maybe he was contaminated by playdough fumes at Gabbie’s birthday party.


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