Ann Arbor Babywearers adventure day

This morning Kyle helped us out of the house.  Things are running smoothly toward party time this weekend.

Barb beat me to the mall today, and tried out a natty linen first thing. We had a fun discussion about HTF wraps and why people want them. Specifically Rosie, Zinc and Pamir.

Barb brought stuff for Sandi!

We threaded Sandi's sling, and Noel and Senade brought joy to our meeting as usual

Look at noel's beautiful smiling face! I get really lucky sometimes!

Barb practicing a Double Hammock Carry with dyed natty linen. Yes all, she's dh'ing with a 4.

Senade tried out pamir!

Pretty sure Mira would be happy in any wrap. She is such a sweet baby.

These two ladies just looked so matchy! Judah was asleep in my silk indio ringsling the last half of the meeting.

Mischief in mind. Felice Girasol. yumm!

Nautilus Pearlmutt

Barb's Lily storch. She was an awesome teacher and model today!

Waiting at the California pizza kitchen for our table, the kids had so much fun.

Walked around with Sandi after and got a dress for Judah's Birthday! I love the ringsling for the front and wrap on back combo (or buckley thing). It's comfy even though Lion is 40 lbs.

It was really hard to capture the true color, but here is the birthday dress!

Blood Orange hemp around the house, getting ready for the party saturday, plus regular housework.

I love that there is sunshine during dinner now!

We learned that one of our beloved friends is pregnant, and we are super excited.


One thought on “Ann Arbor Babywearers adventure day

  1. What a fun day! Barb donated a Moby wrap to a future babywearer, Kelly. She is so excited to receive it! Judah’s birthday dress is very pretty. So colorful!!

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