On Monday we had a beautiful morning together, as Kyle had no work orders.  I made Pizza for breakfast instead of our usual waffles.

The Annie's frozen GFCF pizza, jazzed up by us below

Onions zucchini and tomatoes and spices

Kyle's Plate

Kyle took the kids out and about while I stayed home and did housework. We met up at Anderson Chiropractic Center for our NAET treatment. Judah wanted to nurse immediately in blood orange Hemp Honeywrap.

Then she had her treatment and she screamed and fussed the entire time and waiting time after. Then passed out in Natty linen with a gathered shoulder. I think she is teething and is in pain.

More evidence of this as she screams all the way home, then passes out in kasuri, soft as heaven.

I picked up Baba and we all met up ant or friends house for Passover Seder. We used a children's haggadah, and it was very fun!

Locust finger puppet 🙂

Opening the door for Elijah in pamir. Lion actually went outside to see if anybody was there. . .

I love how he tied on the side!

I had the most wonderful discussions with Eric, as usual. 🙂


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