The week before the party.

That’s how this week should be known.  Although it could also be called, “the week I had a client call to book an appointment everyday!”   The entry covers Wednesday – Friday.  And since Saturday is the big party, I really wanted to squeeze this in before that steals the show.

Did this wednesday morning along with bacon and eggs and fresh strawberries for breakfast

We picked up Baba at University Living and took her out for a birthday lunch. I've decided that my grandma's birthday is just 4 days long, since there seems to have been some confusion about it in the past.

Then we took Baba across the street to the mall to look for socks. Juday fell asleep in pamir nursing on my front, and I switched her around to the back mid checkout. 🙂

I met up with Gillian at Kerrytown where we buy fresh local meats. We were both in Earthy Rainbow Girasol in various forms.

Playing in the best toy store ever! Mudpuddles in Kerrytown!

When we got home, Kyle took the kids to a park after he had a bike ride. It looks like they had a ball!

She loves shoes!

On the Move!

I created a "cheesy pasta" dish that was awesome! The secret is Tofu cream cheese!

Bathtime before bed.

Then it was Thursday, Judah's birthday! Look at my big birthday girl at breakfast!

Kyle's Plate

Some morning Wrapping in Blood Orange Hemp honeywrap

Then we played all morning with Gillian and Meaghan at Allmindinger park in Ann Arbor

Loving Swings.

hee hee!

Look at how much my friends love my children!

Kalila was living on the edge today. This is one of the only merry go round's left at the Ann Arbor Parks. (It's probably not the safest piece of play equipment. . .) 🙂 . But we love it!

Gillian was freaking out on the inside I think.

Of course, once Kalila did it, they all had to try. 🙂

And down

I think GIllian looks great these days.

Then I had an awesome client, Dr. Miynt.  Who is our NAET Practitioner.  She has a 6 month old, and was looking for a comfy carrier.

Waiting in the doctors office for our gig.

She ended up loving Mei tai's, now to pick one! This is the Napsack.

From the back

The back of the baby hawk, for comparison.

Babyhawk's are universally yummy I think. . . .

Look at this chunk of cuteness!

Inka OMT (Octi Mei tai)

OMT with it's awesome Wrap straps. It provides great support.

First time nursing in a carrier, with great success!

Judah was passed out doing said same behind the curtain.

behind the curtain.

Dr. Miynt picked the Napsack to start out with.  It’s a nice mixture of affordable and supportive.

For Judah'e birthday dinner we decided to trek into Ann Arbor to go to The Earthen Jar. Lion wanted to wear his rain boots on a sunny evening.

Getting wrapped up in the parking lot.

Old weave Green teea with a green weft arrived that day. It is soft like peacock girasol old weave!

Together In front of The Earthen Jar. A Vegetarian and Vegan Indian Restaurant in Downtown.

I love this shot too! Self indulgent extra family photo!

My awesome dinner

Lion loves it there too.

Then we wrapped back up and walked a few blocks to get sorbet at Stucchis. Kyle got tons of approving comments from college students about his wrap, and the wrapped children were adored by everybody who noticed them.

I LOVE this pic.

The wrapping really catches people's eye.

Sharing with the birthday girl!

Thank you pop pop for dinner!

Fun with Mommy's dreads.

A beautiful sunset before bed

Story time before bed

Then Friday.  We really crammed our week full!  I started the morning with another client.   10 week old baby girl, looking to get comfy with her mom and dad.  It’s always nice to meet an awesome dad.

Olives and Applesauce appealed to her first, but this mamma was determined to try everything. 🙂

Then a front wrap cross carry in night rainbow 1

You will have to excuse the lack of carrier, 🙂 , But didn't my client today have the most beautiful post-partum-attached-to-my-baby look? Beautiful.


They endd up loving ringslings, and trying wrapping. An unforseen outcome, honestly. But obviously an awesome one.

I spent the rest of the day with Lauren (except and excursion to Arbor Farms) getting ready to host 80 people tomorrow for the big Joe Reilliy Birthday Bash for the kids!

Meaghan dropped by, and Edith actually was wrapped happily in rastamamma for quite a bit. She has been resisting riding lately, so this was great!

We made a Taco Bar and Baked 3 Cakes.  The Party is at 2 today and there is still so much to do!  I can’t wait to make and blog entry about the party.  Already I can feel the fun and excitement building in the house!


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