Birthday Party Weekend!

All morning was spent running around and cooking and prep-ing the food for the party.

Lauren was such a big help!

Oh and getting the balloons.

Picking up the balloons was Judah's favorite part of the morning.

We decorated Gluten and Dairy Free Cakes

This one was chocolate with vanilla frosting

This one was an unfrosted vanilla cake with chocolate chips, also totally GFCF and amazing. 🙂 The Cakes were shamelessly displayed with our NAET book through the whole party.

Party Favors! Lauren and I crammed alot into the morning.

Beautiful Food and Friends and Family

Boys in motion

I love my babywearing friends

Joe Reilly Made it all come together, just as we wanted it too.

Dancin' and Lovin' the music!

Then presents and cake

Lions new Brobee pillow, riding his new bike!

Everybody totally dug the taco bar we created. Black beans and sweet potato as the vegetarian filler was the hit of the party.

I tried wearing Judah and nursing her to put her to sleep when she was looking sleepy, but no luck.

Baba, who also just had a birthday!

My close mamma friends.

She was so happy to be having a party!

The dress, and the wrap to match perfectly! Earthy Rainbow Girasol.

Birthday Princess

Finally asleep in Pamir while I cleaned up, with lots of help. 🙂

We were up Late (for us 🙂 ) convincing Lion that the party was over and that It was time to go to sleep 🙂  I think it was a perfect day, with the music as the fun amazing part.  But I’m sure Lion would say “Cake and Presents” !   He is still asking if there is left over cake. 🙂


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