This morning I went out early to meet a new client.  It was amazing as usual.  She loved many carriers, and so did her partner.

This mornings client was a committed mamma. So in love with her 4 week old little angel.

Judah played in my suitcase most of the time.

When she wasn't asleep in pamir. 🙂

He's asleep here in the Olives and Applesauce carrier. Daddy liked this one.

This little one is loving being here on this planet! Aare is an awesome didy regular colorway

Came home to fluffy mail!

Zara 50% silk HE. Aren't the Forsythia beautiful! I'm so glad spring is here!

it has such a shine!

I've decided to send these things, along with pamir on a visit to a tbw'er friend in Cali for a bit.

Judah showed some mild fleeting interest in walking today. . .

Then 2 fishies went for a walk!

Linen Goldfish

Deep Sea Fish

On the way home

We had a late bedtime last night playing in the back yard and getting the garden ready.


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