Meet up day!

Can I just say, Meaghan, I love when you come to AABWers!

Because you and Edith are so much fun!

Ok, I think Barb is officially a wrap addict, and a really good wrapper. Here is her new Cobalt-Rouge Linen Indio

2 mamma's and their babies 🙂

hanging around together

I tried Steph's purple hemp

Barb tried Pamir after much pressing

Comfy goldfish snuggle

Dommy came and helped me so much, and snuggled Judah in a Napsack.

11 weeks ish

steph and I temp swapped linen 4's

"Like I'm ever gonna nap in this wrap mom"

Went out for thai with my parents and hubby and Judah while Lion spent the night at Dommy's.

Pflaume Pfau

Super comfy torso carry

Nursed to sleep for the night while we walked around.


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