Wednesday and Thursday

Wednesday represented countless errands because Lion was at Dommy’s.

Polka Girasol at the Bank. Judah hid her head the whole time, but wasn't asleep.

I met up with Gillian for Lunch in Kerrytown and to go to our local butcher, Sparrows Meat Market.

GIllian has this hemp gradation passing through on our traveling wrap circle.

Happy Girl

Happy to be wrapped that is!

Galen and Judah played at Lunch, Galen is an awesome experienced big brother.

So Thursday was rainy, and we made plans to meet up with Haidee and her children at the mall on thursday and do “Build a Bear”  Where you make your own stuffed Animal.

Judah and Isabella

Pretty sure once Judah can talk, she will tell me she loves shoes, and wants sparkly ones like Izzy.

They gave us crowns at build a bear, and Lion was so happy with the doggy he chose.

Here is the heart Lion put inside him for extra love. (also has a microchip, like Nesta lol )

Then we took the kids for lunch, then back to the playspace

While Lion napped, Judah showed some real lasting interest in walking!

Kyle did all of the wearing last night. First, Green Tea Girasol.

Jungle Girasol before bed


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