Friday, Saturday, Sunday

I know, the day titles are not the greatest, but this blog is for recording purposes, not for a pulitzer.

At Gillian's House

Playing at Gillian's has been extra fun this week because Galen was on spring break!

Both boys need haircuts!

Saturday morning Pop pop came in to the farmers market and wrapped for the first time, using natty linen.

They were really happy

Lunch in Lion's Hat

Naked Pfau 4 Arrived Today. It is Soft and Heavenly.

After nap time we went to Novi for Jacks 4th Birthday Party!

Haircut! Tomorrow! I swear!

Mid Party Snuggle

It's a bummer this one is fuzzy.

Naked Birds!!!!

Jack is really in Love with his new fire station.

Sunday was home and garden day.  I didn’t even go near the car and it felt awesome.

Our Cherry blossoms opened today!

Chocolate SUT wide version. The width makes it so comfy!

Meaghan Came over and we took a walk to Babba's old house, she wore both kids in Deep sea fish and a babyhawk!

Naked Pfau

Meaghan nursed the whole time.

Nachos for Lunch together and Hummus and veggies for the kids

Daddy dug the new garden plot with Harper's help

While the girls played

Lion rode his Trike, while mommy planted the herb beds

I finally have started moving the crystals from our honeymoon around

I am so excited for things to grow. Except Judah. 🙂


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