this week, the weather is beautiful!

The wrap stash at Gillian's Monday morning

No Fear

Our weeping cherry tree is just beautiful right now

Our new TAPS Exclusive old weave girasol "Lemmie" It's a beautiful Purple with a silver weft.

This is the best color representation I have gotten so far.

Digging the new garden bed with daddy

tuesday at ann arbor bw'ers I met my online friend Sandy and her P/E fish for the first time.

first time wrapping

sandy practicing for her soon to arrive girly!

sound asleep

Sandy's Zinc

Senade's new Sweet place from Gillian

I fell in love with the way p/e fish wraps

Happy mammas and babies!

Judah fell asleep in Zara Silk HE, sold and gone now 🙂

It is so soft and beautiful

Then the tiniest wrapee of the day showed up!

Zara Lemongrass in a Front Wrap cross carry

Nancy showed up for some twin fun!

Noel in Earthy Rainbow

We have been having fun playing outside.

Judah is so much fun

Sandy came home with me after AABW'ers and played, and snacked with us.

Lion skipped his nap and fell asleep on the couch with Nesta shortly after this picture.

Judah too.

More yard work in pfau this time.

With a peekaroo babywearing vest to help keep warm


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