Thursday, a day at home.

I started the morning with an alert from Sandi.  The baby is getting ready to come out in the next week.  SUPER STOKED.  I am going to visit her today (friday).

I was really surprised that the kids played on their own most of the morning while I did housework.  It was amazing.  I think they are really starting to play together most of the time, which is amazing to hear and see.

Lion and Judah Love to Dance to Music. We added this skirt to our collection of dressups from costco wednesday.

Then a little Post Office run in Cabo before we have to ship it on friday. The weather is Beautiful!

Kyle Wore Judah for outside chores untill she fell asleep. Then we took a walk and enjoyed the last few days of the cherry blossoms in our front yard.

Vintage Violet White Indio

I guess the plan is to try to head to Sandi’s today with Gillian and Seanade.  To do the Baby come out dance.


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