A weekend without my camera!

Ok I got it back on Sunday, but I was a doofus and left it at Gillians on friday, so the only pics from this weekend are from Sunday.

Saturday was a bit chilly, and i got to venture out the farmers market alone which was really nice.  I even bumped into my parents having breakfast!   That afternoon we visited with a friend we haven’t seen in a while and the kids napped well.

Sunday was a breakfast with my parents and Babba.

Lion wanted to wear his doggy in Night rainbow 2

Outside of Zingermans Roadhouse, where they always cater to our special dietary needs.

Like Father, Like Son

Babba and Pop pop

Nanna and Judah

The seedlings for our garden, getting a head start on the Michigan weather, which has had a very short growing season lately.

I looking forward to this week.  I think we will meet Camillia this week. (Sandi’s baby) and maybe Martha’s baby and I have a feeling that Tuesday will bring lots of new visitors to Ann Arbor Babywearers.  I think a Sign (saying Ann Arbor Babywearers) for the suitcase goes on today’s agenda.


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