A 3 Fluffy Day!

I saw this cool tractor on the way to my parents house to talk about some ideas for Close At Hand Babywearing Service

Also, had a fun visit to The Indigo Forest while it was “closed”     Hilarious, there were like 4 customers and calls  while I was there meeting with the owner.  Their service is really needed. http://visitindigo.com/

Ok.  For those of you not “in the know”  a “fluffy” is a package with a wrap in it.  It creates an amazing feeling inside of me when I see it.  I know I am about to snuggle my little one and see something really beautiful.  I feel so happy I could jump up and down each time, and often do.

BBSlen Turkish Delight on top and Didymos green waves (dyed) on the bottom

Also a traveling Manduca Arrived  I will be adding one to my library for sure.  It is an awesome Soft structured carrier with a great infant system and expandable body for a toddler.  Pictures tomorrow for sure.

I went out into the garden during naptime to water and I found the first sprouts from the seeds I planted the other day! This one is a Garlic Scape from my neighbor, who is an awesome gardener

We went to the post office and met up with Gillian to help each other out and then take the kids to the park.

Sage is in town!!!!!!

Gillian took Kalila into the post office in Didymos "Clouds" 4

I pick up "Snow Rainbow" Girasol from the post office to make my 3rd fluffy of the day! I was happy to let Gillian try it on first so I could take some photos.


The fringe on this one was the right decision.

It wears pretty long, I will have to measure it. . . .

Judah is a great model, as well as Gillian, but she wasn't really up for this session, she wanted to climb the slide.

Wrapped other side up. 🙂

New Green Waves at home. We had Gillian and the fam back there too to play with the RC car and look at crystals and gardens and play on the swings some more.

Then Kyle tried out the bb slen

He is an awesome wrapper

Turkish Delight is the name of the colorway

More Garden Digging, I am so excited to plant this weekend!

wild tulips (in our garden 🙂 )

Navy Sijira psling for the night


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