And the rest of the week. . .

Starting with Ann Arbor Babywearers.  Plus tuesday was Lion’s birthday!

First my Mother in Law stopped by with this awesome dress that matches Snow rainbow girasol perfectly.

Edith is growing up too fast!

Barb and Mira tried ou the thick P/E fish because Sandy came back up!

Senade's Husband stopped by with the library sporting a scootababy.

This little guy was loving being wrapped his mom called him over, and he came running! She claimed to be shorty impaired, but don't they look comfy in 3 meters of Jade delhi LE?

this is the wrap his mommy is borrowing

Barb's gradation in a double hammock rebozo

Nanna came to help with Judah and tried a Manduca

Kalila saying HI! in Clouds

Wendy brought didy butterflies and I made a temporary trade, Meaghan and edith Rocked it!

Our Hemp Honeywraps Dyed by russian Dye artist Ulyanna

Sandy is getting Lots of practice at AABW'ers

Travis seems happy with our temp trade

Sandy in Zara Natural

Edith happy in hemp blood orange

Judah fell asleep on Gillian's back in Sandy's thick petrol ecru fish

We had a new addition to the group today, a tiny 6 week old!

Napping in Zinc at the California Pizza Kitchen

Nora wanted to do the same on her mamma's back

3 wrap lovers RTIF (Ruck Tie In Front)

We went out to dinner for Lion's birthday to our favorite Thai Restaurant with Eric and Carrie and their kids!

We suited them up for a walk to Zingermans for dessert.

On wednesday morning Sage wanted to be wrapped and I suggested pfau

Big Boy Kiss

We all wish we were wrapped baby I think

Judah is so beautiful

Asleep in snow rainbow

Grumpy Gus in Green Waves. I am so sad that the flowers on this tree turn to leaves!

The Traveling wrap arrived!

Kyle and Judah in Jungle Girasol working hard moving the strawberries to containers, as they were taking over the vegetable garden.

Thursday we had a picnic at millpond park on Naked pfau

More yard work, and I'm pretty sure we are in love with the waves!

On Friday I stopped by The Little seedling to pick up more buisness cards, and I found this line of people waiting to get in for a special sale and giveaway. Look at all these babywearers!

It was raining on and off and chilly

The ladies inside were hard at work

and they are all wrappers now. 🙂

The wrap stash

I was lusting over linen nightowls

We used Wendy's Butterflies all morning

"wrong" side out

We went to Kerrytown to do errands and visit Jan at Mudpuddles toy store.


We picked up Thai food for lunch and brought it home. More Butterflies! This wrap is super soft!

I came home to a request from a friend to lay out all of my girasol rainbows and take a picture, Poof! A super fun activity!left to right they are Night rainbow 1, night rainbow 2, snow rainbow, earthy rainbow, Felice, and Jungle Girasol's

Beautiful Babe

Sleepy Eyes in Natty Linen

Saturday we tried out our traveling Manduca around the house

Sandi and Greg came to town and we went to the seedling again. Lion had a blast and was super proud of his creation.

We did a little blessingway for Sandi, and now we are all bound together in a circle of sisterhood. 🙂

We fed her well. This is actually a salad. Somewhere underneath there is lettuce. 🙂

a crystal collection for sandi

We split perennials and sent them home with everybody.

Who loves their daddy? Judah Burr. 🙂

Sandi, ready to become a mamma.

The time is coming!


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