Ann Arbor Babywearers Takes Over Tuesdays!

It was also my mom’s birthday!  Happy Birthday Nanna!

Barb is so into trying every wrap now! She has a Rose SUT on the way like my old one, so needed to try this one, 🙂

Safe in Mommy's sling

Wrap Munchin'

Yay Edith!!!! Yay Colorgrown Waves!

I am loving my BB slen Turkish Delight

Noel, Loving Flamingo Indio.

Signing at snack time with the girls.

Seanade is becoming a really good back wrapper!

Noel is an awesome baby

Kalila in Butterflies

Gillian loves them, just like me.

Seanade ended up on double Duty

When the larger Child is on the front, the meitai straps need to go under baby's bum to lift them up, and not put too much pressure on the baby


Mira Dug Peacock girasol

Mel Sighting!!!!!!!!! Marigold is Beautiful in real life!

Gillian Wrapping Judah in Blood orange hemp.

Polka gira snuggles a tiny babe and a newbie wrapper

Barb tried Mel's Vintage red white indio

Trying a new sling for Fiona this week, she is so teeny!!!

Judah's First Ponytail for Nanna's birthday dinner!

Imitating daddy brushing his hair

Patty Cake is always a thrill. 🙂

Mercy's Restaurant was AMAZING. Kyle had steak and I had Duck. It was so nice to sit in a private room and not feel self conscious about the kids making noise

Baba too!

Then a raced off to a rather impromptu meeting with Sandy and Greg and Beth Barbeau at indigo forest, to evaluate her condition.

It was 3 hours long

Seanade and I will be attending Sandy's birth as her doulas

We all left feeling marginally better, especially Sandi.

I didn’t take any pictures on wednesday for some reason.  But I went to The Bead Gallery and went into the basement while both kids were at Gillians and made glass beads for the first time in 2 years.  It was AWESOME! I made Like 20!!!! I can’t wait to see them.


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