Because we see Gillian on Friday!

Lion has so much fun playing with Kalila and Gillian

The Long Awaited Achat (Agate) from Didymos arrived yesterday, long delayed by the volcano in iceland stopping european air traffic.

We are trying not to love it too much as it is already promised to someone else.

I love the colors, but The wrapping qualities are not amazing out-of-this-world

things are growing along nicely in the garden

Meaghan and Edith came by for some afternoon playtime

I think Agate looks amazing on them.

We hope our girls will be best friends

Snack Time!

For Friday Night We headed out towards Chelsea to see Kyle’s Aunt Kit who is in visiting from Colorado at her sister’s house.  It was a beautiful farm with chickens and goats, and Kit’s family was awesome.

Walking on the trails

Pamir is home and we are so grateful.

Judah fell asleep on our walk and slept through dinner

Goats Playing

Baby chicks were hatching in the coop

The house was remodeled beautifully

Lion was really tired by the end of the visit and wanted to be wrapped

Look how hot it's getting here! Ick! (sorta, it still feels great)

The drive home was tough.  Judah does not like the car.


One thought on “TGIF

  1. Thanks so much for coming to the Fry Farm and posting the photos of your visit. We loved being with you and spoke in awe of baby wrapping and all of you for the entire weekend. It was right up there with seeing Obama on Saturday and hearing his wonderful speech. I am not able to call Kyle today..some issue with his phone, so hope you get this to know I am NOT able to come visit this evening. We are having a family meeting
    here regarding our Vail condo and this is the only time….My visit has been very full so I taking a day to relax on the farm and walk and meditate and enjoy the moments. The memory of our evening is prominent and will remain. Love you all. Kit

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