Wow ~ New Babies Everywhere!

Our Garden is coming along really well!

Lauren moved back to Colorado and will totally be missed by the whole family.

On Sunday was Katie's Beautiful Blessingway

Hosted by the beautiful Gillian

Kelly came to do her belly henna

Lotus Blossom

Her Mothers are amazing and beautiful.

She Loved her Night rainbow that Gillian found for her, and we gave her Judah's matching hat that I made last year.

She looked like a princess!

Mr. Grumpy actually asked to be wrapped on Tuesday morning! That's the face I get when I say no to freezies for breakfast

There were alot of new moms with young babies at Ann Arbor Babywearers Today. This little guy was 4 weeks old, and his mom mastered the moby wrap!

6 ish weeks

also tiny!

Sold Lemmie Girasol to a loving new home.

Fiona is 8 weeks old now! And loving wrapping.

Wendy's Butterflies flew home

When we went to pick up Lion, we found ourselves wrapping again!

They tried lots of wraps, but the ellaroo elsa in the first picture was the favorite

Judah is trying to take steps. . . .


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