Camillia’s Arrival!

It’s hard to say Sandy’s birth story from my perspective.  The pictures do it justice.

She labored in active labor at home for over 15 hours

She was working so hardand Dilated to about 5+ at home

After a bit her labor began to slow and we tried to help her rest (well, Kote did)

Seanade was full of ideas to help move Sandy's labor along, and really kept everybody involved feeling like we had an awesome plan and that everything was going as well as it could.

Greg was such a supportive partner through the whole thing, helping in every way needed.

Seanade had Noel with her through the whole thing in Goldfish.

After many hours Sandy decided to go to U of m hospital, hoping that they would let her try to labor  as long as possible and try for a vaginal birth.

U of M Hospital was the best choice of hospital ever.

After a bit Sandy had an Epidural so she could sleep and wake up and try again. It made it all possible. 🙂

We went through 3 shifts of doctors and nurses, they were all fabulous.

This bar went up on the end of the bed when we got to 9 cm! Noel is great with labor. 🙂

Seanade learned to use a ringsling over these days.

Things got heavy

Judah and Lion came to visit while Sandy spent the day at 9 cm. . . .

Beginning to push

Judah went out to her dad after this for the birth

Seanade was allowed to help Sandy push and was magical, all while wearing Noel in Goldfish.

Greg was always at Sandy's side and Zoe too!

And she's out!!!! 8lbs 8ozs Camillia Jade!

Zoe and Greg followed Camillia everywhere

So Happy

Here she is the next morning!

Sandy let me be the first to wrap Camillia in Violet White traveling shorty

She is so tiny and snuggly

Then Sandy did her first wrap too in naked pfau

First Family Photo

Open Eyes!

Big Bird at the Mott wing was so exciting to Lion!

there were 2!

Over all it was an amazing experience and I am so grateful that the people at U of M hospital let Sandy labor and have a beautiful birth.  Thank you Sandy Our collective experience was amazing


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