New Wraps on the Block

Well first and oldie but goodie.  Meaghan and Edith came over to play all rainy morning and rocked our summer’s day silk indio gradation.

Love them so much

I’ve been trying to break in our Green waves, which is still a tiny bit crunchy from being dyed.

Then the afternoon brought the mailman to my door. . . .

Thick Petrol/Ecru Fish are here!!!

Judah is upset and has been getting bottom teeth for days.

Screaming Fuss

Sleeping Gus

Friday Cherry Blossoms arrived from Didymos direct!

And we played with it at Gillian's house.

I grabbed Judah and tried out old rainbow girasol

Gillian Loved on Thick P/E fish and I left it with her to help soften it. . .

One more shot of cherry blossoms

Lion fell asleep on the way to Tot Shabbat, so I wore him in in his Olives and Applesauce carrier

Daddy grabbed the old rainbow

We enjoyed Tot Shabbat from our carriers in the back

We went out for japanese food with Nanna and Pappa after and the kids were really beat by the time we were heading home.


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