Catch this blog up!!!

Greg Sandy and Camillia at the Farmers Market in Ann Arbor

Greg Mastering the ringsling

Beautiful smiles and sweet sleep

Kyle in Fire Fish, which was made for him in my opinion!

This Traveling Dolcino is the pinkest wrap you will ever see in this house!

Costco with Lion in Pfau

Moor Girasol for Kyle and Judah

The Back porch is heaven right now with the Asian Lilacs blooming. Edith and Meaghan have been around a lot more now that Meaghan is done with her masters.

Ann Arbor Babywearers was at Elephant Ears this week as we continued our tour of loval stores that support babywearing

Iris Ringling by Sleeping Baby Productions

Oscar is loving being worn!

Barb got a new Zara, "infinity"

Look at Mira grow!

Helping Bridgette Wrap her baby on her back

in a Bara Barn summer rebozo

Such a good mamma-to-be-someday!

This wrap is awesome looking on Barb! But I don't think I could ever part with it. But Red/Black Indio was made for her.

My 2 best friends.

Ok, so thick Petrol Ecru fish was totally worth searching for and wraps so supportively I can't believe it! It is the ultimate size 4 wrap for me.,

Park fun together

Dandilion Puffs

Edith is trying to Jump. pretty successfully. 🙂 I think this picture sums up her energy level perfectly. 🙂

Did I mention that since Thick Fish has come around I grab little else?

Yes, my daughter really is this beautiful In real Life 🙂

OK, This is Judah saying hi to the camera. Unprompted. When ever we try to take a picture of Lion We alway tell him "say hi to Dommie!" (or daddy) I guess Judah has really picked up on this. 🙂

HI! Her wave is the cutest! She also took her first real steps today.

Spring is really blooming by my front door.

This Iris is such a special color. There are 3 spikes this year!


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