More Catch -up! Touch a Truck (last weekend)

Now that Judah is older, finding time to blog is hard!

Motts Freezies have become a big part of teething relief.

This is our collection of Didymos wraps with fishies on them. They seem to be some of our favorite. 🙂

The traveling Dolcino gets sent out tomorrow. It is super snuggly.

We took Lion to the Touch a Truck event again this year. He remembered it from last year and asked us "is someone going to give me bubbles this year?"

there were so many different kinds of trucks, but the fire truck is always the star.

Zara Forest kept Judah asleep through most of the rainy morning

Driving the school bus. What a Day!

City Bus 🙂

pretending to drive was the most fun part of touching the trucks, kids were honking the horns a lot and it was pretty loud!

back to the firetruck

I spotted another wrapper! This wrap was so funny, it said "Tax Deductions"

This Policeman had his daughter with him. He was so friendly.


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