Sunday, at the Farm and Dommies house!

Visiting the Crossley Farm was Awesome!

Ellen Jumped right in to learning about babywearing, as she is expecting herself!

Their barn gets cooler and cooler every time I go out there!

Kyle loves darts (and pool)

Big Sur Girasol

Judah loved going up the ladder, go figure, my climber.

The popcorn machine actually made popcorn we can eat!

We had a blast there

Then it was over to Dommy’s house for Melissa’s Birthday BBQ.

Kirk and Melissa brought their water table

this sprinkler had unpredictable hoses coming off of it that would just start squirting water all over!

Wow I love this shot.

Girl cousins!

Daddy being goofy

I think she was trying to play peekaboo

Katherine is looking so healthy and beautiful. Melissa gave me some professional photos she had taken of her. They are beautiful too.

Lion actually drove the 4 wheeler for the first time!!!

ok one more peek a boo


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