Ann Arbor Babywearers Went Back to the Mall

I had a few familiar faces today, but lots of new ones mostly.

This was the first meeting that I have ever put up the sign I had made saying “Ann Arbor Babywearers, come over and see”  and we had a very strong response from moms walking by.  At least 4 women came over and tried carriers because of the sign.  It was amazing.

This sweet mamma let me wear her sweet boy!

Thank you mamma! I had none of my own babies with me today, and this was awesome.

Helped these two get super comfy, man, this was a great day!

She has a pinched nerve in her neck, see how much support the wrap has to offer the wearer, not just the worn!?!

The Basic Rucksack carry tied 2 different ways, Tibetan, and at the waist. 🙂

This awesome new mamma came over because of the sign. This Chunk of a boy was 7 months!

Maybe she will try a different carrier next week. But this one was checked out by them for sure.

This awesome mamma wandered over and tried as many as her Big 3 month old would let her.

He was a real joy, as was she. She was from Cameroon.

This mamma took home the group didy, and was ever so careful a wrapper!

This awesome new mamma had 5 children and was the same age as me. THis was her first experience with Babywearing and she a had a very strong positive reaction. It was very rewarding. 🙂

Her next up was 15 months old in the Napsack Mei Tai.

She just was so happy to be up with mamma.

Gillian got to snuggle the tiny girlie while we played with the Napsack

This mamma was ready for everything!

After I had a nice lunch with Gillian and Kalila

We have begun strawberry season here!


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