Memorial Day weekend

New wrap arrived from Finland, It was supposed to be a Cranberry indio, but through research on The Babywearer, I found out it is an old red/white indio. Very Cranberry in color though.

Sling / Wrap heaven

Then off to the Ann Arbor Farmers Market. This is Lion and I in Moor Girasol from Poland. Lion is really doing Awesome!

Daddy tries out the Newest addition in a Reenforced Ruck

Its going to stay forever

Wrapping is so customizable. Switched Kids and Carries!

Ran in to this awesome friend who works at the Indigo Forest with her newborn!

Nursed in this wrap all afternoon. It is so soft!

Sunday we played at a friends house and planted her garden with her. There were so many kids to play with!

We helped as much as we could in Fire Fish. But Judah's Bug bite reaction is really bad, so we played inside alot.

On hot days like this, playing in the water is the only thing on the kids minds.

Look at how Bad Judah's mosquito bite reaction is! I know It could be worse, but seriously, it breaks my heart. Other than that, she is actually moving the mouse with her hand here and tracking the arrow on the screen with her eyes. She climbed up and did this herself. I about cried out of confusion and joy that she was so hand eye co-ordinated.

Monday morning we pushed the stroller up the hill to the parade.

Everybody throws candy and the kids go crazy. It's kind of gonna be a nightmare once Lion figures out what's going on next year, mostly because of the allergies.

We took the kids downtown to Ann Arbor for lunch and a treat of Bubble Tea.

Kyle and I both chose different fish wraps for this trip. 🙂

And because we are smart, 🙂 we had a stranger take a picture.


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