Getting Ready for the Wedding weekend

SInce Meaghan finished school we have been able to see her alot more. 🙂

Red Black Indio is the first wrap I bought from FSOT on The Babywearer. It has very special meaning to me, and it was my first indio.

Moor Girasol from poland has been a great addition to our pile! 🙂 Judah's bug bites are still bad. 😦

We gave Meaghan and Edith all of our Gluten and Dairy filled play food 🙂

Didymos blue Vogels Arrived and I must say I am happy I traded Peacocks for bluebirds. This wrap is so peaceful and beautiful.

Sandy Came over on Friday so that we could run through everything for her wedding tomorrow. Did I mention I got ordained online so I could Marry Sandy and Greg? (Camillia is awesome!)

Our Garden is really growing quickly because there has been lots or rain and sun. It's very exciting.


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