Sandy and Greg’s Wedding in the Peony Gardens

I went VERY early this morning to The Farmers Market, and picked out Sandy's flowers, I also stopped by my parents house to add to the variety. I wore Judah in Felice while I made everybody's flowers.

Groom and Bean 🙂

The Beautiful Bride

Beloved Friends

and Family

Earthy Rainbow Ringsling for the Babe

The wedding

The Handfasting Ceremony

The Gardens were beautiful, and the weather was perfect, and the family was so happy.

The whole family!

So happy together on this perfect day

Some other Babywearing daddies were there. Seanade's Hubby was wearing Xave in a Scootababy while taking pictures.

and Kyle in Fire Fish

Daddy is so much Fun!

Can I just say again, the the Peony Gardens were perfect and in full beautiful bloom. It was the perfect place to get married.

And fun Reception!

Camillia in the Blue Vogels after the reception, at our house just hangin around.

This wrap is so soft and thick and amazing. This has been one of the most special days ever! Congrats to Sandy and Greg, and can I just say, officiating a wedding is super fun!


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