The International Babywearing Conference in Rigby , Idaho

It was great to see Arie first thing

Judah napped in P/E fish while I soaked in my second class on "How birth practices impact breastfeeding"

I learned all about something called "layed back breastfeeding" awesome

Then we had our keynote speaker for the first day This is the auditorium where we saw some amazing presentations.

Kelley Mason of "Kozy Carriers"

Gillian and I heading to "Me 'n Stan's" Diner the first of many times. 🙂

Learning here about "Nurturing Across Cultures" and forming Babywearing Trade Collective. 2 really exciting new initiatives in the babywearing community

Back in Arie's Classroom the next day learning about using babywearing to improve public health

Judah obligingly slept during my 10:30 class in felice

Arie my Canadian Goddess

Gillian and Kalila in our shared Yummy Hemp Honeywrap

Wrapping Children with disabilities, Here we are padding imaginary Leg casts on a baby with Bi-lateral clubfeet

The teacher's sweet older daughter entertained Judah so I could pay attention. 🙂

My new friend Mari from Norway had alot to say abot disabled children and parents and carrying. I learned so much from her!

Using the straps of the pod in a new way

I stepped out of class to hep this twin mom with her "ropey" looking sleepy wrap. They were all so happy to learn!

I came back in to find Diane trying the eye to eye with her 14 year old daughter!

Such a proud strong mamma!

After the Medical Panel, Arie and Heidi 🙂

After the Panel Diane Ran through with her oldest in an Ergo, to tank Ergo for their support of the conference, and babies in general.. It was awesome!

Peekaboo with the camera

Fun with Gillian's Felice

More Fun with Felice! I love using a long wrap to make a toddler swing.

Kalila Sure is Brave!

My online friend Reina was awesome to meet in person.

Arie Sporting Eva with one of her big sleepy boys

Then added another! (in simon)

We made so many awesome friends that night

This awesome mamma is a nicu nurse who was on the medical panel

Didy sent a box over with all kinds of goodies to buy in it! See how excited everybody is?

Jen sooo wanted the new agave. 🙂

I fell in love with viola ellipses! (so did Mari! 🙂 )

Both sides were awesome!

Jim Jade snuggles

The awesome babywearing dad-policeman who taught us self defense.

Our hosts and organizers


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