Better Post and catch up!

We’ll get back to the conference later.  Lets catch up with some Ann Arbor Babywearers and Wearing around the house.

These 2 babes are 13 months apart, proud first time tandem wearing!

This little one was super comfy as his experienced mom tried a new sling.

They even nursed in it

Judah has an amazing personality

We had so many new members last week!

and some returning ones!

These Chubby boys mamma's were all friends

Tussah Nino for our nap time.

We talked about rolling the Babyhawk both at the top and bottom to customize the fit for this little guy.

If at least Meaghan or Gillian isn't there it almost ceases to be fun, Almost. 🙂

Sandy and I had lunch and then she came over so we could hang out and talk ringslings and babies more.

I got to snuggle my official god daughter. 🙂 I am so honored and proud!


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