Getting ready for our trip to Union Pier, Lake Michigan, and our first night there

First up, Fluffy mail of the week!

Old martin is the perfect snuggly vintage didy!

It reminds me of my old Nati Savannah, but the colors are more muted. 🙂 I think the previous owner fringed the wrap, not sure though.

Because of our house flooding, and recovering from that, we waited untill the last second to pack. Because of our diet we brought lots of food.

We harvested from our garden right before we got into the car.

When we arrived there that evening, there was a blowing storm with beautiful lightning out over the water and very high winds. We were thinking of our house the whole time.

Lion had arrived before us with my parents, and he was having lots of fun, and was so happy to see us!

Sharon and Logan offered to stay i the guest house next door so we could be near Lion. 🙂

Our children sharing the strawberries from our farm share and home.

The storm ended with a beautiful lightning filled sunset

Our first night there was relaxing and beautiful.

Grandma Blanche was with us too!

It was a beautiful house

There were some odd things about the decor of the house, but this piece I liked. 🙂


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