the last days of the conference

Our host mom, enjoying the Babyhawk slipcover I scored for her. 🙂
This was their beautiful home
Heading to our last day of classes
I love this picture of gillian! it really shows her super fun personality! (and her violet white pfau) 🙂
The width on this wrap and the symbol of my teacher make it so special to me!
My first class of the last day 😦
Me in the above class 🙂
This awesome mamma had 2 on her every time I saw her! I swear! plus this combo on Agave and Lila azzuro is beautiful!
Jamie of Babywearing was an awesome person to meet! We had the same host mom!
This awesome mamma makes custom nursing bras, and has provided me with this: the coolest nursing in a carrier picture EVER!!
My super cute friends again, (pfau on front this time! )
Teaching a friend to ruck in the hallway while nursing judah

So excited to be on daddy’s back!
This picture epitomizes for me, why I went to the conference. To see Arie speak, and babies in carriers happy as can be!
The queens of the next conference will be san diego (baby hawk) and DC! Woohoo for both!
Then, right before we left for the drive back to denver, Mari and Gillian, made a swap.
Earthy rainbow for a toddler tettitet 🙂
They were both so happy!
It was awesome to see!
We took Mari back to the beautiful farm where she was staying, and then got on the road,
Yes, this really happened
Another Miracle!
Kalila is a great and experienced traveler now 🙂 She was a real joy!
The elevated train at denver airport
We were lucky both girls napped, because we were a bit delayed getting out of denver. 🙂 Gillian took the delay well which was awesome.

Being delayed in an airport with children is possibly one of life’s greatest challenges.  We saw parents struggling all around us to keep their cool, some were not successful.  We talked to tons of people interested in babywearing during our time in the airport.  Honestly  I am so proud and honored to be a babywearer, and to feel close to my children, and to surround myself with such amazing people who are like-minded as well.

We made as many friends as possible. Our usual M.O. 🙂
Judah boarded the flight asleep, stayed asleep, deplaned asleep, and is forever my hero!

Curt picked us up in the middle of the night and delivered us safely home, where I was so happy to see my family all together again!  What do you think?  Did Gillian and I rock the conference or what!  (Oh Gillian, thanks for doing all the driving!  You are my hero too!  We probably should have figured out I was preggo when I kept falling asleep eh? )


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