Ann Arbor Babywearers, Yesterday!

I’m so excited to be catching up!  Ann Arbor babywearers has been flooded by new people who are excited about trying wrapping and wearing of all kinds!  Lots of mammas with babies under 6 months, and it’s awesome!  Being in the mall has it’s pluses and minuses.  I wish they would seal off the playspace at the end. . . .

Loving on Pod’s

A happy first ruck

Martha is getting comfy in her ringsling, finally for a wedding coming up!

Yummy Zara Choco and a cutie sleepy boy!

At home now, and Sandy and Liz came over to have a Dreadlock maintinence party.

Judah and Camillia

Goof Ball

Dreading Liz’s hair while wearing Red/Black Indio

Wearing and Working 🙂 there is no better feeling 🙂

I put judah to sleep in my Inka Wrap conversion Octi-Mei Tai

Very comfy

Lion was up next

Looking great eh?

I have been spreading “laid back breastfeeding” around since I learned it at the IBC

Instant success for everyone so far

Sandy re wrapped in Zara Forest to do some of my hair, and took it home for a few days.

Lion was super excited about Camillia, and says he is looking forward to having our own baby again. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Ann Arbor Babywearers, Yesterday!

  1. Oh, please please please, I can you make a post with “geeky” pictures of your wraps? I know it’s a lot of work, but pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaase?

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