Fun at the Lake!

This was our Vacation carrier stash. I used them as a reference point to show the house my parents rented for us all to stay in.

My grandma had a bedroom right behind the kitchen so she didn't have to go upstairs, which was crucial.


Walking down to the beach in our visiting tri green zara

Lion and Pappa flying the parafoil kite from my childhood

Nana and Pappa on the beach loving the sun!

The house my parents rented was called "The Christmas House" because of the way it was painted

Which was funny because it was not very christmas-y inside. Lots of taxedermist visits for these people. 🙂

Stormy sunset

Beautiful Job Kyle

I caught this guy on the telephone pole the next morning

Lucky shot of a red headed woodpecker. 🙂

Kyle and judah look awesome in Old Martin.

It was a very peaceful trip

Nursing in Natty linen ringsling

Nanna giving a double Hoppa Ride!


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