New Babies!!!

Ok, so, if you haven’t picked up from previous posts, Kyle and I are expecting a new baby in the late winter/early spring.  We are so excited!!!!!

After AABW’ers last week we had our friends over with their new babe to share our knowledge and meet their new baby girl, 2 weeks old,

New daddy, real closeness, they were in heaven.

New mamma with confidence. 🙂

Happy family! (mamma with doll)

The next morning my children and I went out to play and pick in our garden.

With daddy behind the camera, the smiles are endless

Daddy tickling toes

Daddy really is magical

Picking greenbeans is Lion's favorite garden activity right now.

Everything is really getting ready to mature and flowering perfectly.

tiny cabbage heads

EEEEEEEK Peppers! I have never succeeded at peppers before! Not that I'm counting success yet, but I'm excited!

We are loving growing our own food.


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