Thats right!  Mamma and Daddy went to Ella-palooza to celebrate Ellen’s birthday and coming new baby with music and debauchery!  Dommy and Pappa were  host to the kids while Kyle and I had a might out together, hard earned and much enjoyed.

The barn had the band, and the tent was for the fish fry 🙂

Love this shot. 🙂

and a bit more traditional. 🙂 I swear I've never know such awesome people before.

The Barn has; Darts, shuffleboard, foosball, dance space, bar, band. Lets just say, F-U-N!

The fish fry

Lots of dancing


Shuffle board gets intense 🙂

Jeff and Ellen, 2 of our super-cool hosts

Their cool moms! (see, moms are cool!)

Did I mention We don't see these wonderful people often enough?

For the record, Judah was really happy the whole time sleeping away at Dommy’s house.  Thanks everyone for helping us get out once and a while!!  It really makes a difference.


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