Morse and Clark Family Reunions

Are both always the Sunday after the 4th of July.  Usually we go to the Morse Reunion first, but this year we decided to reverse the order, and start at the park in Byron.

Heading down to the park in Cobalt-Zimpt Indio.

The family tree is very big

Here we are!

All Together

There are always prizes for the Oldest, youngest, traveled the farthest, etc.

So great to see everybody together 🙂

There was a fun little train taking the kids on rides around the parking lot above the park.

The boys have endless fun together.

The Over to the Morse Property, where it was better late than never. 🙂

It was a hot beautiful day.

Katherine was so much fun and full of smiles all day.

The girls were interested in eachother and played more than ever

The boys had fun playing in the water

It was so nice to spend the day together

Judah loved the Idea of goggles!


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