Ann Arbor babywearers, 7/13, oh yeah, it’s my Birthday!

Snow Rainbow on some beautiful ladies

Kyle came for my Birthday, and Lion was with dommy.

This new mamma came for help with her Moby Wrap and left happy. 🙂

Happy mamma. . . .

. . . Happy baby

The sign is attracting lots of interested new people!

The Napsack Baby carrier has the most amazing straps. You can see how comfy it is. 🙂

Gabbing with like minded mammas

Barb looked awesome in our new Blue Agave.

Visiting Yew %50 Linen indio

People are always curious, and watch us often.

My Birthday Balloon! 🙂

After Lunch

I pulled my first tomatoes of the year out of my garden on Tuesday!

For my birthday we met up with my family at "MERCY" the Restaurant, where they are very understanding of our diet.

Old Red White Indio

Nanna and Babba

Oy vey! Lion sit down! 🙂

Judah is enjoying walking more and more. 🙂

On the way home, Happy as can be. 🙂

She looks goofy here, but isn't kyle the best daddy?


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