Getting Ready for a third baby

Well, I know it’s not going to be for a bit, but this morning Kyle said to me something along the lines of “what name sounds good with Lion and Judah?  What are we going to name this kid?!”  And even though there wasn’t much discussion other than that, it marked a change in our behavior.  We are totally in getting ready mode now. 😉

I Talked to contractors all day about our Blue room leak, and all the construction relating to that, and I am excited (and scared) to have estamates roll in.  We are also planning on putting in more space to store food, which is going to be amazing for future gardens!!!!

I am also getting my wrap stash all shifted around.

These 2 scraps /super short shorties, are on there way to Sleeping Baby Productions right now to become ringslings! The V. Nino on top is going to be perfect for a newborn, and the Anna is a scrap of my first German style woven wrap that I got in Utah at babywearing school.

Kyle and I are back and forth about a disputed possible similarity between wraps. We both love both our Goldfish and our Blue Agave, but do we keep both? (agave is sort of pointing at goldfish in the pic) 🙂

Best pic of all wraps that are here right now. 🙂 Meaghan's sunset hemp is in there and missing are; blood orange hemp, pamir, and thick p/e. I think that's it.

Ok, First stack bottom up, Old red/White Indio 6, Red/Black Indio 5, Fire Fish 5, Rastamamma 7, Old Martin 2, Summers Day Silk Indio 7, Agave 6, Zara Forest 4.9m handwoven, Visiting Yew 50% Linen indio 5, and Geern Tea, old weave 6. Second stack, bottom up; Blue Vogels 6, Atlantic nino 6, Kobalt/Zimpt cotton Indio 4/5, Deep Sea Fish 6, Jade Delhi LE 3m, Linen Goldfish 6, Jade Royal 4.9, Zara Aubergine 4.2, Violet white Indio 4.6 m

I’ll do the last stack and the ringslings when P gets home. 🙂  I’m happy he’s visiting a friend. 🙂

Nursing Judah to sleep in Meaghan's Hemp Honeywrap. It is getting lot's of love while it's here. 😉

Snacking while his sister sleeps. This tray has Rice Chex, grapes, corn crunchies, and freeze dried apples.

I did have a client today, (Super Cute Twins!)  but I didn’t want to make a big stink about it in the title, because they do not like their children pictured on the internet, but these have been approved. 🙂  This daddy was looking for ways to wear 1 and 2 more comfortably than what he already had for a special camp they were going to for the week.

The napsack for one on the front seemed to relieve some neck and lower back pain by putting babies weight in the middle of the back.

Then we recreated a similar positioning for carrying 2, one on each hip with a ringsling. 🙂

Daddy actually took a third ringsling and made kind of a support belt around them all. He said it worked well!

Mamma worked on some back carries too. 🙂


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