Weekend Beauty

Girasol Boy or girl for making pancakes

Our corn field in the front yard

Our First Lily Opened This Weekend

These beauties are by the driveway. 🙂

The Kids made a wrap nest to play in after lunch, and we made wrap tunnels on the slide too!

the Wrap Nest

lots of wrapping today as Judah was fussy, probably due to teething.

Napping in our Tulikowo laterMark, Meaghan, and Edith came by for some fun too.

Judah is fully walking now, and in this picture she's showing her belly to meaghan. 🙂

Judah Loves to Rock!

Lion loves the girls, and watching them play. 🙂

Our garden is really a jungle now!

Tying up tomatoes in our old Babyhawk

Sleeping as I write this post in Agave. 🙂 I love to cuddle this baby girl!