Ann Arbor Babywearers Saves the Day!

Judah was walking beautifully Tuesday

A hug ending in a bit of a topple 🙂

Lion Edith and Judah, looking so grown up!

Flying Fairy!

Down to the nitty gritty! Red Ivory Indio and Mira, looking Beautiful

Wrapping the tail around the rings once you are comfy can protect baby and keep the tail out of the way if it's too long. 🙂 (8 weeks old almost!)

Proud mamma, enjoying learning about wearing sooo much.

Baby Love!

Lots of new crisp Sakura Bloom ringslings at this meeting. 🙂

Barb's Natty Linen is not so Natty anymore, I believe it's name is Iris!

Judah sleeps so well on my back

This new mom really took to wrapping! and such a sweet newborn!

The sweet snuggles go on and on! Dream Girasol Really is a dream!

Rockin' Zara Red! Go Barb!


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