Big Family Weekend With Fun Extra Visitors!

Lion and I are practicing drawing specific things lately

Jack and Lion Enjoying Kirk and Melissa's IPad

A friday Snuggle in a Double Hammock Carry in our Violet White Indio

Then up to Howell for fun and family. The Boys Love the freedom of driving around.

Dommy and aunt Sarah

Dave and Dottie drove to Michigan with their Shasta Trailer which was so cool!

Moving Pebbles

Katherine was so much fun all afternoon

Sweet thing is so close to walking too! She took many steps that day and I hear is taking more and more.

Happy boys!

This one is great of Jack!

Brad and Robin Came up for their dads birthday

An awesome Lunch

A wrappin' Daddy in Boy or Girl Girasol

Where's more brownie dad?

The 4 Vince Brothers and Sisters

Byron and Judah

And Erica and Judah

It was such a fun day.  The 4 Wheeler is a major hit and highlight of the day, and Judah’s walking is growing stronger by the minute.


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