More Tuesday Babywearing Fun! With more Family evening Excitement!

Both Kids insisted on wearing their babies on the way out the door to Ann Arbor Babywearers

Lion in his Real Sling (by Jan at SBP), practicing for the new baby with his Lion. 🙂

Judah Put her baby back on as soon as we got to the mall.

and hugged and "Kissed" her the whole time.

I'm so glad everybody can try everything here! the library makes it all possible.

I was so excited to see Katie and Zoe and Laney when I arrived! Zoe is a big awesome happy newborn.

And Gretchen and Max showed up in Gillian's Chocolate Brown Natty linen

Barb's patriotic zara's

It's so nice not to be the only one wrapping a huge boy onto my back. 🙂

I loved looking over and seeing these mamma's happily braiding wraps

Tula and Lion were really happy to see eachother

So happy that shortly after this Lion had to be wrapped onto my back for running off with Tula out of the play area.

Here he is in a Double hammock carry and then I have my ringsling going around both of us, waiting for Judah to fill it at the last second.

He was pretty unhappy, but I was comfy as can be, and no more chasing!

With Judah

Mr Grump face! 🙂 This is a super comfy carry for a duo though!

I arrived home to our first open Hibiscus Flower

Then (I kid you not) We went back to dommy's house for dinner and to see David and Dottie one more time before they go back to colorado.

Carefully walking across the lawn to us all.

Stoney, Dave and Dottie's Cool Dog.

Judah Loves this horsey and Loves her Poppa!

Hopping Together. Lion has been in to joining his sister lately, at whatever she's doing.

Judah get's really into it!

We all Love visiting Howell, But Lion probably most of all. 🙂

Everybody said no except Daddy.

She really did love it. Despite us all not wanting her to like it.


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